Spain has attained the pedestal of one of the most corrupt countries in Europe.  According to Transparency International, an anti-corruption campaign group, Spain is at 36th position, which is one of the lowest in Europe.

Over 175 countries were analysed under the group’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI). All the governments, judiciary system and authorities used CPI to measure the level of corruption.

Spain’s ranking has dropped to 58 in 2015 from 60 in 2014, as per the index. The corruption has elevated and situation has become more reprehensible in the country.

“Very worrying is the marked deterioration in countries like Hungary, FYR of Macedonia, Spain and Turkey where we’re seeing corruption grow, while civil society space and democracy shrink. Corruption won’t be tackled until laws and regulations are put into action and civil society and the media are genuinely free,” said Anne Koch, Director for Europe and Central Asia, in a report by The Local.

Some countries have maintained the same positions and few had worst case scenarios.

Spain’s traditional political parties conservative PP and Socialist party were probed over corruption.

It turned the voters down, which reinforced new political parties Podemos and Ciudadanos. Both parties performed well in the general elections in December, grabbing third and fourth position.

Recently, 10 officials had been charged over corruption scandal in Valencia region. The corruption network involved various public administrators, including the former PP president of the region, Alfonso Rus. The party has a long history of scandals, according to a report by The Local.

In a corruption scandal at a state-run water company, Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, ousted one of her principal associates.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s desire to run the next Spanish government seems to have moved to the dark. As he was stained over “illegal commissions for public work contracts,” after an anti-corruption probe.

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