As Nigella Week continues on “MasterChef Australia,” Jimmy Wong was the latest to get kicked out of the show after failing to pass the pressure. Several slip ups on the show caused Jimmy to lose his slot in the competition.

For this week’s pressure test, the menu was prepared by guest judge Nigella Lawson, and the course includes a crab avocado salad, lamb with radishes and peas and coffee panna cotta with coffee sauce. The bottom three contestants—Jimmy Wong, Miles Pritchett, and Chloe Bowless—prepared the three intricate dishes in just one hour. The time constraint proved to be too much for some of the contestants to handle.

Jimmy struggled the most in the pressure test. He was the biggest let down of the night, having served his lamb undercooked.

“There were just too many mistakes, the worst of which was your lamb. It was inedible,” judge Gary Mehigan told Jimmy. The dish greatly disappointed fellow judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris, and guest Nigella Lawson.

Nigella, who told that she doesn’t “think there is any food” she won’t eat, was upset by Jimmy’s final output and found his performance difficult to put into words. Even with Nigella’s “I eat everything” attitude, the renowned chef passed on Jimmy’s lamb dish.

The “MasterChef Australia” contestant’s undercooked lamb was the consequence of a mistake he committed earlier in the challenge while he was preparing his panna cotta.

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The judges, however, deemed Jimmy’s panna cotta the best among the three. “One that is silky, one that has the flavour [balanced],” the judges described the dish. But Jimmy’s to-die-for panna cotta, unfortunately, wasn’t able to save him from elimination.

It was a heartbreaking exit for Jimmy, whose sister Theresa Visintin is still competing in the show.

Meanwhile, having Nigella Lawson on “MasterChef Australia” has been an absolute treat to the contestants and viewers of the show. But the renowned “domestic goddess” once drew the ire of Australians after she showcased a recipe for avocado on toast in her TV series “Simply Nigella,” according to Starts at 60.

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“Australia is the country that introduced me to avocado toast, even better sometimes with vegemite,” Nigella said. Viewers poked fun at Nigella’s recipe, sarcastically calling it “groundbreaking.”