Copa America 2016 is now into the Group B stage with an Ecuador vs Haiti match. Both win-less from each of their last five games, a win will be a well-deserved treat. However, if Ecuador wins, it will be a tricky path to the quarter finals. If Fuerza Tricolor manages to win over Haiti, they will need Brazil and Peru to win over one another in order for Ecuador to smoothly sail into the quarterfinals.

However, if it’s a draw, the path is a very convoluted one that may end up in having to draw lots for Ecuador’s fate. Will they win or will Haiti get the victory? Here are 5 key moments in the Ecuador vs Haiti match.

Ecuador 2-0 at Halftime

First 20 minutes of the game and Ecuador was on fire, kicking two goals courtesy of Enner Valencia and Jaime Ayovi.

Two first half goals have Ecuador leading at the break and pointing toward the Quarterfinals. #ECUvHAI second half coming up!

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It was definitely a time to rejoice for Ecuador as they finally scored a goal in a game—and two goals at that in the first 20 minutes of the game!

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A Family Reunion

As Ecuador and Haiti go head to head on the field, their quest to be included in the final 8 attracts a record-high of almost 50,000 fans.

A reunion of sorts as family generations from grandfathers to sons and and grandsons attend matches for the centennial anniversary of Copa America.

Quarter Finals Unlocked at 4-0

The second half started with Ecuador keeping close possession of the ball. At the 57th-minute mark, Christian Noboa sees an opening into Johnny Placide’s goalkeeping and kicks a sharp goal that lands into the far end of the net. Not only does Christian give Fuerza Tricolor a tres but he also kicks in Ecuador to the top 8!

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Nifty Enner Steal

On a roll, Ecuador’s Enner Valencia saw an opportunity to make another goal and hooked the ball from a defender. However, Haiti’s center-half Genevois quickly comes in from behind and kicks the ball back to the keeper.

Quarter Finals: Ecuador vs USA

While Fuerza Tricolor are beyond themselves in the sweet victory of qualifying for the quarter finals, they have a lot on their hands for their next match as they face the host country, Team USA.

Ecuador's Antonio Valencia buried another in the 78'. Ecuador leads Haiti, 4-0.

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For now, here are the victors of the match saying thank you for the triumph!