In Copa America’s 18th match: Colombia vs Costa Rica, Costa Rica is going in with a prayer hoping for a miracle as they try to score their first win in the tournament. Pummeled by Team USA into a heartbreaking 4-0 defeat, Costa Rica is definitely the underdog in this game. Meanwhile, Colombia comes leading the group stage with 2 wins to their team.

Goals in the First 10 Minutes

Determined to fight until the end, Costa Rica heats up the game in the first two minutes with a speedy and spectacular goal from Johan Venegas.

But just like that we are level! Frank Fabra had tied this game 1-1! #COLvCRC

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However, Colombia’s Frank Fabra ties it up to 1-1 just as easily with a single–handed goal!

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Though it was a short-lived victory for Costa Rica, it marks their first ever Copa America 2016 goal! Way to go for the underdogs of this match, Costa Rica!

Fabra’s Own Goal

Fabra’s head injury might have done something to the player’s mindset. In the 34th minute mark, he ushers the goal into their net as he tried to make a swipe at Venegas’ play. As he makes the accidental goal and adds up a score to Costa Rica, he also puts Colombia a notch lower in terms of goal difference, Goal notes.

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Costa Rica’s Surprise 3-2 Win

Starting the match with a goal within two minutes of the game to Frank Fabra’s own goal contributing to an all-time high score in this Colombia vs Costa Rica, it just goes to show anything can happen in Copa America.

Add to that Celso Borges’ successful goal in the second half. A historic win since Costa Rica’s last win over Colombia in 1963, the team has made an epic turnaround of events with this single game. Starting with a draw before being battered into a 4-0 defeat by Team USA, Los Ticos has finally woken up to play in the Copa America tournament.

That’s it for Match 18: Colombia vs Costa Rica of Copa America!