Conor McGregor matching up against Floyd Mayweather rumours quickly caught on fire when Floyd hinted at it in another controversial interview. posted a video with Mayweather asking fans to keep their fingers crossed that he may eventually come out of retirement to come up against an MMA fighter. But he was quick to point out that the rumours spreading were the ones he circulated himself. As MMA Weekly writes, what Mayweather confirmed was that he did spread the rumours of possible facing an MMA fighter but he never dropped Conor McGregor’s name.

As to tease fans, Conor (@TheNotoriousMMA) fueled it up with a tweet yesterday saying “MMA Vs Boxing.”

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Meanwhile, Mayweather Sr. further heats up the Mayweather-McGregor bout saying to Inquisitr, “Only thing I’m going to tell you is that if it’s not MMA fighting, Conor gonna get the Hell beat out of him. And I know, ‘Little’ Floyd ain’t going for being an MMA fighter, so that means that Conor’s going to get the Hell beat out of him still anyway.”

Mayweather Jr. has started speculations for his next fight after dropping hints to Jim Gray of Showtime Boxing that he may come out of retirement for all the right reasons.

Basing from the more recent interview Liftn released, he’s now increased his asking price to a $100M ($135,688,992 AUD) or better. Coming out of his record and breaking his 49-0 career record to a 50-0 with a huge paycheck, those were the conditions Mayweather has laid down for his coming-out-of-retirement fight.

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However, UFC Dana White has already put an end to it, saying “It’s not true; it’s just a tabloid story. And as far as I knew, Floyd is retired and he’s been on a worldwide vacation and hasn’t even been thinking of fighting.”

Even if the Mayweather-McGregor bout does not happen, boxing stars like Khan are already keen to take a swing at Mayweather for the glory of giving Mayweather a defeat or at least benefiting from being a challenger to the undefeated champion.