Conor McGregor breaks his silence over his retirement tweet controversy.

In a Facebook post, the Irish fighter clarified that he has not retired from fighting. He explained that continuous promotion of his fight has become a distraction to his last fight against Diaz to which he lost.

McGregor added that he is putting more effort in training to win the fight and not in promoting it.

In his post, he said that he is “not yet paid to promote” but that he is “paid to fight.” He added that there will come a time when you need to stop promoting and just concentrate on winning the fight. He said that he has forgotten the “art of fighting” and is “lost in the game of promotion.”

He further said that press conferences, interviews, tours and photo shoots are all but distractions and would not matter if in the end he loses the fight.

It can be remembered that McGregor’s retirement tweet shook the MMA and social media world.

In the next hours, there were various theories as to what caused the fighter to say that and what his plans would be.

Independent reported that Dana White, president of the UFC has earlier confirmed that McGregor was pulled out from the main event because of his inability to participate in promotional duties. White added that the only way for the fight to happen is for McGregor to clarify the situation soon.

In McGregor’s post, he confirmed that he is ready to go to New York next week to attend the press conference for the fight. He is also ready for UFC 200. After the press conference, he expects to train in isolation and “with no distractions.”

He ended his post with an all caps statement: “I AM NOT RETIRED.”

However, his latest Facebook status read: “I’ve got my bills paid. My money made. And the entire game slayed.”