The Conjuring 2 carries a framework that is identical to that of its predecessor. The sequel is, however, distinct as all of the events are showcased on a much larger scale.

The film presents itself to be more ambitious than the last one. According to Gizmodo, the 134-minute-long film is scary as hell.

Here is a list of the 5 scariest moments in The Conjuring 2.

The Lorraine Sequence

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The Conjuring 2 opens in the legendary Amityville house. In this very house, Ronnie DeFeo stated that demonic presence made him carry out a series of brutal murders.

Continuing with the opening sequence, there is a scene where Lorraine re-enacts the DeFeo killings.

Here, she faces a terrifying apparition, an eerie creature with penetrating yellow eyes dressed in a nun’s habit. The creature serves her with a vision of her husband’s brutal death, says Spoiler TV.

Ed’s Shoulder Scene

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This scene, which is extremely creepy, is one in which the Warrens are communicating with the Enfield entity. The audience can see something change form over Ed’s shoulder in the shot.

Here, in this scene, the background stays blurry on purpose. The viewers can clearly sense it, but unable to make out what it is.

At that very moment, viewers’ imagination makes a picture of something quite worse. Although, that may not be something actually present on screen.

Janet’s Scenes

Madison Wolfe does a brilliant job playing Janet. She is excellent while acting scared, confused and weary.

Her performance is so strong that it brings out the reality that growing up is extremely hard and even harder when a creepy ghost is taking over your life.

The scariest moments in the movie consist of sequences where she gets to play evil—teleporting around the house, levitating and talking with the heavy voice of a 72-year-old man who orders the strangers to get out of his house.

The Elvis Scene

This is the scene where Ed (Patrick Wilson) picks up a guitar and sings an Elvis song while also mimicking him.

In reality, the haunted activity at the Enfield house took place between 1977 and 1978, while in the movie’s universe, Elvis had only departed recently during the period that Ed picks up that guitar.

According to Time, the song itself is an indication that it is being communicated through a man who is singing like a ghost.

“It’s the movie’s only truly haunted, inexplicable moment,” the publication said.

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The Poltergeist

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When the spirit of the old man appears, furniture moves and there is an unpredictable banging heard within the walls.

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After that, a spectacular figure appears in an old armchair. That becomes the moment that the poltergeist starts to communicate through a weary child.