‘Here Come The Habibs!’ Dives in TV ratings

The Habibs

The Habibs are in for some stiff competition. Recent TV ratings reveal that viewers of the Australian comedy show “Here Come the Habibs” have declined since its premiere on Feb. 9.

NT News reports from OzTAM, an audience measurement research firm, that Nine Network’s “Here Come The Habibs!” only managed to attract 800,000 viewers on March 1. This puts them to the 10th place out of 12 shows on OzTAM’s ratings.

This was a steep decline from the success of the pilot episode of “Here Come The Habibs.” The show earned 1.249 million viewers on its first airing, according to Mumbrella.

The overnight metro ratings also saw the decline in the show’s viewership for four consecutive weeks.

While the series is losing its appeal to the Australian audience, shows like “My Kitchen Rules” climbs up and continues to steal the top spot in TV ratings, according to NT News.

Below is the list of OzTAM’s most watched shows last Tuesday, as reported by NT News:


  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) – 1.496 million
  2. Seven News (Seven) – 1.062 million
  3. Seven News/Today Tonight (Seven) – 1.028 million
  4. Nine News (Nine) – 999,000
  5. Wanted (Seven) – 962,000
  6. Nine News 6.30 p.m. (Nine) – 935,000
  7. A Current Affair (Nine) – 861,000
  8. The Big Bang Theory (Nine) – 811,000
  9. Home And Away (Seven) – 805,000
  10. Here Come The Habibs (Nine) – 800,000
  11. I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! (Ten) – 688,000

“Here Come the Habibs” is a six-part series that follows the lives of a Lebanese family, the Habibs, who won a lottery and managed to transfer from western to eastern Sydney, describes The Guardian.  The show is produced by Jungle.

Earlier, it has caused a stir after it allegedly offended Lebanese-Australians for its racist elements, to which the show defended itself. According to Pedestrian TV, cocreator Rob Shehadie from the “Fat Pizza” said he would never be involved in a show that “makes a joke of the Lebanese race in any way.”

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