A woman in Colorado has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for cutting a foetus from its mother’s womb.

Dynel Lane, 35, had been convicted by a jury of attempted first-degree murder and assault after she allegedly stabbed a pregnant stranger and cut her foetus from her womb.  She has been sentenced to stay a century in prison by Judge Maria Berkenkotter on Friday.

Dynel Lane faked her pregnancy for months before she lured the victim, Michelle Wilkins to her Longmont basement promising her free maternity clothes. Dylan then beat Michelle until she was unconscious. Dylan cut her foetus taking advantage of her unconsciousness. Wilkins survived the March 18, 2015 attack but her baby could not be saved.

As reported by Independent, Judge Maria Berkenkotter opined that the sentence was justified by the brutality of the attack. She described it as performing a caesarian with a kitchen knife. Initially, prosecutors demanded for the maximum sentence of 188 years but in the end she received the 100 years in prison sentence.

When the judge asked Lane to speak she declined. Her mother, Carol DeHerrera revealed that Lane lost her 19-month-old son in a drowning accident and it was her remorse over losing her son that might have led to the attack.

Prosecutors also said that they could not charge Lane with murder of the baby as there was no evidence that it lived outside the womb. Colorado state law does not consider a foetus as a person until it has the capacity of surviving for a period of time outside the womb, reported Fox2now.

On Friday, Wilkins in her statement said, “You knowingly left me to die multiple times, The only tears you shed during the trial were those of self-pity, to the sound of your own voice as your lies were slowly revealed. Yet even now you cannot come clean about what actually occurred. You embrace your narcissistic fantasy to fulfil the lie you created and it was more important than my right to live and Aurora’s right to live.”

“I believe you should receive the maximum penalty because I believe that you have lost the privilege to live in our society,” she further stated.