Another young talented singer from the Land Down Under is dominating today’s music industry. 18-year-old Cody Simpson, a native of Australia, is taking over the world — topping charts and winning hearts.

He started his career in 2010, when he released his first single “iYiYi” which he collaborated with Flo Rida.

Since then, he has released two EPs — “4 U” in 2010 and “Coast to Coast” in 2011 — and has three studio albums — “Paradise”, launched in 2012; “Surfers Paradise”, released a year after; and his latest album, entitled “Free.”

His journey to musical success seems to be soaring as he recently announced that he will be starting his own band dubbed as Coast House in 2016.

“Aussie musician. first independent album #Free just came out. Startin my band coast house next year,” as we quote from the description of his official Twitter account.

Can’t get enough of Cody Simpson? We created a list of his 7 best songs with the best lyrics, courtesy of AZlyrics:

1.Don’t Cry Your Heart Out (4 U)

“With me you’ll never in up in the same silly situations, no,
don’t you know that if you were to walk then I’ll be here waiting,
Girl don’t you cry your heart out, let me stop before you start out…”

2. Good As It Gets (Coast To Coast)

“I’ll take you everywhere, Show you I really care
Well I’m give it to you straight away, I’ma put it out there…”

3. Paradise (Paradise)

“Every time we kiss, it’s like a crashing wave
I could feel the rush, what a sweet escape
I’m divin’ in, to your embrace
‘Cause I’m in paradise…”

4. Summertime of Our Lives (Surfer’s Paradise)

“We had the summertime of our lives, nothing has ever felt so right
The summertime of our lives
And even though, we had to say goodbye
I know when the water gets warm, you’ll come back to me…”

5. Free (Free)

“The kind of soul that can do no wrong
A little soul to the earth that I blew so wrong
And I know, I know I know I know, she gonna take it slow…”

6. Before You Had A Boyfriend

“I should’ve been your boyfriend, if we were together, things would be better.
I wish I was your boyfriend. I liked you better back then,
before you had a boyfriend. (Let’s go!)”

7. Shine Supernova ( OST- “Escape from Planet Earth”)

“And if a shooting star cross the sky tonight
We’d be super heroes winning every fight
Side by side, we come alive
Standing on your shoulders I can touch the sky…”

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