‘Civil War 2’ Comics: Captain America Joins Team Iron Man? Full List Here

Team Iron Man

Will Steve Rogers finally reach a truce with Tony Stark? Will they fight on the same side in the “Civil War 2?” Is Captain America about to join Team Iron Man?

After a decade, the “Civil War” comic books is about to get a sequel. According to Gizmodo, “Civil War 2” will be released sometime this year. And the plot would somewhat be similar to Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report.” It will reportedly be about “a mysterious entity with the power to see the future [and] prevent [tragic disasters]…[and this would end up] splitting the heroes of the Marvel universe into two sides.” Who will head Team “Persecuting People Before They’ve Committed a Crime?” Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. She will be joined by:

Monica Rambeau



The Winter Soldier


Blue Marvel

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

The Vision.

War Machine


Hawk Eye

According to Movie Pilot, they want to “Change the Future.” Meanwhile, Team “Protect the Future” will be led by Iron Man. Who are the members of Team Iron Man this time? Yes, Gizmodo did confirm that Steve Rogers will side with Captain Marvel. But the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, will be joining Team Iron Man. They will also be joined by:

Black Widow



Black Panther

The Totally Awesome Hulk.

Luke Cage

Thor (Jane Foster)

America Chavez



According to Gizmodo, some choices “are really weird.” Hawk Eye will be on the team opposing Black Widow’s.  She-Hulk, on the other hand, will battle her friend Carol and persecute technically innocent people even though she is an attorney.

“Civil War” might only be coming to the cinematic universe with “Captain America: Civil War.” But the storyline in the comic books is actually decade-old already. Which side do you think will win in the “Civil War 2” comics?

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