The spoilers for Cinderella and Four Knights episode 15 drop quite a big bombshell, hinting that Kang Ji- Woon will have a tough time ahead. His life will be under threat followed by some medical emergency. What puts him into this life-threatening condition?

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 recap:

The previous chapter of this romantic Korean drama showed the situation getting more messy in the Sky House. CEO Kang doubted that his wife Madame Ji Hwa Ja is cheating on him with Secretary Lee Yoon Sung. However, later on it was revealed that these two are mother and son.

Eun Ha-Won and Ji-Woon parted ways after CEO Kang rejected the former. In the meantime, CEO Kang’s health started to deteriorate and he was hospitalized. The doctors recommended for an immediate liver transplantation. Unfortunately, Kang Hyun Min, Kang Seo Woo and Eun Ha-Won were not the matches for CEO Kang’s diseased organ. Their only hope is Ji-Woon Kang who went away. We even saw Ha-Won trying to bring him back to be tested if he is a match for his grandfather.

Spoiler Alert!

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 15: There is a Cloud Hanging over the Sky House!

CEO Kang gets a donor!

In the forthcoming episode,  there is new hope for CEO Kang’s  survival. Ji-Woon is back and is getting tested. The test results are positive. The blood type and body size of Ji-Woon match the requirements of CEO’s liver transplant. However, the post-surgery risk is always there. How his body will respond is yet to be seen.

Is Ha-Won to be blamed for CEO Kang’s medical condition?

No, she is not!

The spoilers for Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 15 further reveal that Ha-Won is going to hold herself responsible for CEO Kang’s condition. However, in reality, Ha-Won has nothing to do with the chairperson’s depreciating health. It was merely a coincidence that the severity of CEO Kang’s medical condition was diagnosed just after he found out about Ji-Woon and Ha-Won’s relationship.

A life-threatening situation for Ji-Woon!

According to the spoilers, the aftermath of the liver transplant operation is going to put Ji-Woon in a potentially fatal situation.  At times, the donor has to suffer the surgical complications followed by a liver transplant. Although they are not severe and overall risks are considered to be low, their level of severity can differ from donor to donor. Now there is a big question: Will Kang Ji-Woon be able to sustain such risks? Or it will bring an end to Ji-Woon’s character in the show?

To find out the truth, watch Cinderella and Four Knights episode 15 airing on Sept. 30, 2016.

(Spoilers via Movie News Guide)