Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14: Ji-Woon and Ha-Won Shocking Split?

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14

Cinderella and Four Knights episode 14 had it all. It marked the ending of Kang Ji-Woon and Eun Ha-Won’s love story. Will they head to splitville soon?

Let us take a quick preview of Cinderella and Four Knights episode 14.

On the mentioned episode, we saw CEO Kang visiting the SKY House after he came to know of the rumored relationship between Ha-Won and Kang Seo-woo. These two later condemned the claims. Seo-Woo clarified these kinds of controversies are very common in his celebrity circle.

New Rules for Ha-Won were set!

To be on the safe side, CEO Kang accentuated a set of rules for Ha-Won for the second time.  According to them, if she goes around with anyone from the Kang cousins, she has to leave the Sky House, reveals MNG. In fact, she will never be allowed to see any of them in the future. It looks like CEO Kang’s being too harsh on her.

CEO Kang disapproves of Han-Won

Ha-Won was welcomed to the Sky House only as an employee and not to be a part of the Kang family. On Cinderella and Four Knights episode 14, CEO Kang made this pretty clear. He eventually found out Ha-Won has feelings towards his grandson Kang Ji-Woon. As it was speculated, she had to face the old man’s rejection. CEO Kang tried to convince her to leave the Sky House as well as Ji-Woon, promising to give her money in return. However, Ha-Won refused.

Ji-Woon and Ha-Won are on the verge of breaking up?

How will things turn out between this young pair? Will they split up soon? We haven’t yet seen Ha-Won reacting to CEO Kang.  She is neither a coward nor is she rude. She maintained a dignified silence. It is now simply up to her to figure out if she wants to respond, and if so, what with. CEO Kang has already stated his terms; the ball is now in Ha-Won’s court. It’s as simple as that.

For Ha-Won, it may feel complicated or even painful to really hold on to things right now and remain patient and be in love with her new man. Yet if she doesn’t, the outcome is much more desolate.

Ji-Woon is ready to split?

Cinderella and Four Knights episode 14 only underlined Ha-Won’s part of the story. Ji-Woon seemed to be unaware of everything that is going on in the Sky House. He is yet to respond to the situation. Will he be able to go out of his comfort zone and accept Ha-Won? Would he be able to fight for her? Or will he simply choose to stay away?

Things will be known in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 15 airing on Friday, Sept. 30, on tvN.

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