Cigarette Ban NSW: E-Cigarette Selling Banned to Under 18 Buyers Review

Australia’s New South Wales has started to implement the ban on selling e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18.

The new law covers the ban of selling e-cigarettes and accessories to and on behalf of minors.

The NSW Government website also stated that it is now illegal to smoke e-cigarettes in cars with children under 16 in the vehicle.

Police can now confiscate e-cigarettes from minors, while new restrictions were also released on where e-cigarette vending machines can be placed.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner said the new legislation will help protect young people against the harmful health effects of smoking.

In June, the NSW government passed the law to address concerns that e-cigarettes may act as a gateway to tobacco smoking for children.

ABC News described e-cigarettes as battery-powered devices that heat a liquid, which may have nicotine, to create vapor that will be inhaled by the user. This process is known as vaping.

The new rules on display and advertising of e-cigarettes and accessories will roll on December 1, 2015, the Courier Mail reported.

Skinner said this is to allow public education campaign and for retailers to prepare for display requirements.

“That’s something we always try to work with businesses to make sure they understand their new obligations and get those into place,” she said

According to ABC News, there were appeals for the NSW Government to extend the ban and include all those applicable to tobacco.

However, Skinner said: “The jury is still out on whether there isn’t some case for some electronic cigarettes, particularly those that have very low or no tobacco in them, as a potential harm minimization or stop smoking aid.”

The sale of e-cigarette to a minor carries the same maximum penalty as the sale of a tobacco product to a minor. The fines are as follows: $11,000 for an individual and $55,000 for a corporation. Repeat offender individuals will be slapped with $55,000 fine while $110,000 for repeat offender corporations.

The new law on e-cigarette ban took effect as the price of a cigarette packet increases by 12.5 percent, the Courier Mail reported.

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