Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth has been titled the Global Ambassador for Tourism Australia’s new campaign. The campaign is advertising the aquatic and coastal experiences Australia has to offer.

Tourism Australia’s Managing Director, John O’Sullivan’s key market starts with North America and drifts to the European continent.

“It wasn’t a hard decision to move back to Australia because this part of the world is such a special place. This is the place I want my kids to grow up – that’s the world I want them to be part of” said Mr Hemsworth

Mr O’Sullivan believes Chris embodies the true Australian way of life. He was specifically chosen because of his passion for this country and his love for the natural beauty Australia has.

“From learning how to surf on Phillip Island and fishing with his brothers in the Northern Territory, Chris has grown up in Australian water and his own personal experiences bring a truly authentic and influential Australian voice to our campaign.” stated Mr O’Sullivan.

Mr. Hemsworth is currently promoting his upcoming film “In the Heart of the Sea”inspiring Tourism Australia’s $45 million aquatic advertisements. A campaign launch which is to be held in New York will take place on the eve of Australia Day with Chris performing other duties that will promote his home land.

Mr. O’Sullivan recapped a part of Chris’ life when he was younger; he traveled through the most beautiful parts of Australia. He was taught how to surf on Phillip Island, a small island off the Southern coast of Melbourne. Then he fished in the Northern Territory with his family and brothers. Chris has spent his entire life in and around the ocean which is why he is so passionate about promoting the sublime country’s natural aquatic features in the new advertisement.

“In Australia you’re surrounded by the most incredible natural beauty. I’m really looking forward to launching this campaign in New York and sharing with the rest of the world just how amazing this country really is. ” said Chris Hemsworth

“This is just the start of a longer-term partnership with Chris and we look forward to further developing our plans after the launch in New York.” said Tourism Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa Ronson.