Piers Morgan is known to be vocal to his 4.7 million followers on Twitter, and the English TV news presenter has been doing just that since the Chris Gayle controversy has erupted.

He has backed the West Indian over his alleged flirt with Ten Sports reporter Mel McLaughlin. Because of this, Aussie media identity Lisa Wilkinson asked him hard-hitting questions which led to a Twitter ‘war’ between the two media big heads.

Morgan had earlier tweeted about how he was “outraged” by the people who criticized Gayle for his open flirting on screen.

This remark pushed Lisa Wilkinson to ask why a professional sports journalist should be flattered by a rich famous sports star’s comments. Wilkinson had this to say:

“Your suggestion is that a prof sports journo should be flattered when a rich famous sports star uses I/views as #tinder. #notOK.’”

Piers Morgan replied by saying that Mel should have gotten back to Gayle with a humorous response instead of getting offended.

Lisa, lividly annoyed by how Piers openly accepted the sexism that is happening on screen, replied with a serious comment, saying:

“Respectfully, you don’t get it. Women don’t find sexual innuendo when they’re simply doing their job, funny.”

Piers didn’t hold back, and stood by his views, saying that it was hardly a joke and nothing that should have blown out of proportion like the way it has.

The rant went on when Lisa told Piers that Gayle has a history with exposing himself to a woman according to this Sunday Morning Herald report. Gayle allegedly exposed himself to a woman during last year’s Cricket World Cup match in Sydney.


The war took another turn of events when Piers, who doesn’t back off from a fight, accused Lisa of flirting with Chris Hemsworth according to this Daily Mail article.

Well, all she was doing was taking a selfie, but shots had to be fired right?

Lisa, being fed up with the argument, called it a day when she told Piers to “Go to bed NOW”