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Chinese Couple’s Wedding Goes Viral; Netizens Go Crazy for Display of Gold and Millions of Yuan


A Chinese couple displayed their wealth for all the world to see when they went on to celebrate their wedding in a rather exaggerated manner–complete with colorful outfits, exotic chauffeured super-cars and plenty of gold jewelry.

The pictures of the couple that lit up a small village have gone viral on Chinese social media. The story started getting popular after Bob Lam, a popular Hong Kong TV host, posted this photo of the bride with her jewelry. Lam was the host to the lavish wedding.



According to a report by the Southern Metropolis Daily [link in Chinese], the bride’s dowry was seven million yuan.

Photographs taken at the ceremony were posted on WeChat.  The photos show the bride decked out in hundreds of gold trinkets and other items of jewelry.  It is estimated that they have spent a total of 2.8 million yuan (£290,000) on the wedding.


More festivities followed in the small town of Sanxiang and while the Internet took note of all these, people who attended the wedding said that it was “something from a film set” according to People’s Daily Online.

The bride and groom were dressed up in Emperor costumes while the family members of the couple, especially the brothers, were dressed as ancient generals. The invitation was something unique and humorous as they joked about how their guests would be beheaded if they failed to attend.



The celebration was followed with a lavish wedding banquet at Hengqin Chang Long Hotel where they all wore exotic costumes.

Weibo and other social media platforms saw comments that hit record high. While some ridiculed the amount of wealth on display, others said that the couple is free to show off and spend whatever they want. Some of the comments included:

“Is this a wedding or Qin Shi Huang’s funeral?”

“If I had the money, I’d rather have a romantic wedding on a lawn or beach. This couple has money but is shameful.”

“This wedding was put on as an outward show (of wealth),” said a Weibo user.

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