A Chinese man has been jailed for three years as he sold his 18-day-old daughter online so that he could buy an iPhone. The man is identified as A Duan. He is from Tong’an, a southeastern province in China. Apparently, He made the deal over the social media site QQ and sold his daughter for $4721( 23000Yaun).

Allegedly, the man wanted to buy an iPhone and a motorbike with the money. The child’s mother, Xiao Mei, has many part-time jobs  while the father, on the other hand, spend most of his time in internet cafes.

Both of them are 19-years-old and the pregnancy was unplanned, reported Independent. The buyer is unnamed and it was the buyer’s sister who did the transaction. The child is still with her as the parents are not financially strong to raise the infant.

After acquiring the infant, the buyer reported the incident to the police. The mother, Mei fled from Tong’an but was apprehended by the police. During the police investigation she was questioned about the deal, as stated by International Business Times.  She received 2 and half years suspended sentence.

Mei informed police, “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal.”

Reportedly, the judge reduced the jail term for Mei because of the circumstances. She is raising her younger brother who is in middle school and also taking care of her disable elderly parents.

Incidents like these are not new in the country. In 2014 Beijing Police rescued another infant from a lavatory pipe. Police were informed by the local residents who heard the newborn’s cries.

Because of the country’s one-child policy many parents prefer to adopt children.

Namrata Hasija, research officer for CRP, IPCS  stated in a report that children in China were abducted by child traffickers and sold for adoption, labour or household servants or worst, for prostitution. She also stated that one-child policy was also the main reason behind it.