The Chinese government has urged the people for vertical burial.  And has also introduced a new funeral guidelines aimed at dealing with land scarcity.  This was designed to save land resources and jointly issued by several central government departments.

Nine departments which also includes the Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Development and Reform Commission issued the guidelines. They stated that China would continue with further promotion of eco-friendly funerals in the next five years, reported Asia One. The guidelines said that eco-friendly burials like sea burial or tree burial would be encouraged in the country. A tree burial is when the dead are cremated, ashes are buried and a tree will be planted on the spot.

People are also urged to opt for shared family tombs and vertical burial. Vertical burial will be promoted more in densely populated areas. This also includes storing cremated remains in buildings walls and towers. At the same time, the guidelines also emphasize that the funeral traditions of ethnic minorities should be respected. They will have to choose burial methods unfailing with both their cultural tradition and eco-friendly burial.

It has also been mentioned that burials that take up little or no land will be promoted. Use of smaller tombs and tomb stones will be encouraged.

According to BBC, there is a constant pressure on China’s land resources due to the rapid development and urban growth. China’s inherent funeral tradition is the cause of failure of previous efforts to push reform. In the Chinese tradition a person must receive proper burial to ensure a peaceful rest.

Li Bosen, head of the 101 Institute of the Ministry of Civil Affairs said that previously the efforts of  authorities to increase the cremation rate resulted in incidents like body snatching and elderly people committing suicide before funeral reforms.

The move is highly criticised by the people and Sina Weido is flooded with comments expressing disapproval on the government decision.

It seems the government is desperately trying to save the land resources despite of the opposition from people. Lately, the country has also come up with creative and innovative planning to minimize the air pollution in Beijing.