A new update has surfaced for the Xbox One and it will feature some additions, such as allowing Xbox One users to purchase Xbox 360 backward compatible games directly to their Xbox One consoles. Once it is implemented on the update, users can now directly purchase it that same way with other Xbox One digital games. IGN shares the story on the details of the new system update.

But that is not the only new features that can be found in the system update. One includes the firmware for the improved thumbnail precision for the Xbox Elite Wireless controller. This has improved the previous firmware that some fans that are complaining about, especially when moving the thumbsticks diagonally. This helps improve the accuracy of the thumbsticks for an even better control.

Another is the inclusion of the party chat in Twitch broadcasts. Players can now use a party chat during Twitch live stream broadcasts, and players can also invite other users in the chat. And there are also some parameters such as muting other players in the chat during broadcasts and nonparty users that can still chat with the party but cannot be heard on the live broadcasts. It also allows Windows 10 users to join the party chat as well. And the other improvement on the update is the Xbox accessories app where it shows more details such as firmware version, battery status and more.

The system update is already available for download and users can start updating right away when they turn on their Xbox One consoles. For more details about the list of additions on the system update, they can head on to the official website of Major Nelson. The previous update last February was more on the improvements for the social media and social features for the Xbox One system as well as a new Avatar store to purchase cosmetics for their Avatars.