The nineties kids will definitely remember the travails of three reluctant witches—Prue, Piper, Phoebe and later Paige. These were the “Charmed” ones that topped our “show-to-watch” list back in late nineties. Alyssa Milano, who played the role of Phoebe, has revealed that a “Charmed” reboot is in the works.

The “Project Runway All Stars” host spilled the news on Entertainment Tonight. “It seems like that’s going to happen any second. I just feel like with all these reunions, and we still have such a cult following, that I feel like someone’s going to put that together at some point and we’re all totally on board for that!”

However, in a series of tweets later, Milano clarified, “#Charmed fans! Nothing has been confirmed. CBS is developing a reboot without the original cast. That’s all I know for sure.” This was followed up by “with all the reunion shows it seems like #charmed would be a great choice since we have the most loyal and best fans ever. But… (Cont.)” and “I would imagine until CBS makes a decision on their reboot a true reunion type of show will not be happening due to CBS owning the rights.😘” This means that there is high possibility for “Charmed” to hit our screens again.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that CBS has handed out a script commitment to a reimagining of “Charmed.” Chris Keyser and Sydney Sidner will helm the script and also act as the co-executive producers of the show for CBS Television Studios and The Tannenbaum Co.

There is no news from CBS whether they will retain the old cast for a reunion or start completely new. However, what will stay same is the plot. The reboot too will focus on sisters who discover their witching capabilities to fight evil and maintain balance and order on the planet.

The year has been a year of reboots and reunions with popular shows like “The X-Files,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Fuller House.” Then why not “Charmed?” This is how fans have reacted to the news.