House parties could overboard at times, and a recent one at Scotland just did when the partygoers forced a cat to sniff cocaine, causing the pet’s death.

Nickay Grant’s pet cat, Cheeko, was staying at the 18-year-old’s house when the incident happened. Nickay had given her pet away after getting four new dogs, but was still visiting the feline everyday, the Mirror UK noted.

At the friend’s house party in Buckie, Scotland a male guest wanted to see how a “Class A” drug would affect a cat, the International Business Times reported. The guest tried to get the pet to sniff a line of coke, but when it failed it to, he forced the drug in the cat’s nose with a finger.

Grant’s friend’s then noticed the cat losing its balance, having a seizure and then ultimately dies a short while later.

“I was shocked and gutted when I heard,” the pet owner revealed, notes Mirror. “The guy’s meant to have put the line on the table but Cheeko obviously didn’t want to sniff it. Then he’s just stuffed it up his nose and the cat’s taken really unwell. It’s awful.”

Police have since received reports about the incident is currently undergoing investigation.

“We have received a report relating to a cat which allegedly died after ingesting cocaine,” Senior inspector Alison Simpson explained, STV noted.

“Our investigation into this report is currently ongoing.”

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has also launched their own inquiry into the incident. However, the organization noted that proving the incident may be difficult since the cat has already been buried.

IBTimes noted that should a pet accidentally sniff cocaine, it must be induced to vomit to prevent death.