Fans of “Cardcaptor Sakura” just got another reason to be excited. Everyone’s favourite card captor will return soon. A sequel to the hit manga series is reportedly in the works. What does it have in store for Sakura and fans?

According to Anime News Network, a sequel manga series will be launched two months from now. This was confirmed by no less than the “Cardcaptor” creative team, CLAMP. The sequel will follow Sakura as she graduates from Tomoeda Elementary School and begins her first year in junior high. Not much info about the plot has been released so far. But her adventures will reportedly begin after she sees a “mysterious dream.”

According to Rocket News 24, it was previously speculated that the “Cardcaptor” follow up will just be a one shot manga. But reports suggest that CLAMP would be starting a brand new arc for the sequel.

It isn’t so surprising that the creative team decided to release a sequel in 2016. This year is quite special for the popular manga series. It marks the 20th year since the original manga was first published. According to Anime News Network, the original manga has now sold over 12 million copies.

Sakura was just 10 years old in the original series. The manga focused on adventures as she tried to collect the magical cards she had accidentally released. The series also explored her attempts to live the life of a normal fourth grader despite being a card captor.

What adventures will Sakura have now that she’s in junior high? What sorts of trouble would she get into in the sequel? Fans will have to wait for June to find out. The “Cardcaptor Sakura” sequel will be released in the July issue of Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine. The July issue is set to hit newsstands on June 3.