Roman Atman, who is super famous for his hidden camera public prank videos, presents us with another hilarious car crash prank. You will surely agree that the mechanism he uses is worthy of your time.

Published on April 17, the video is now going viral. Two things to look at – first, the raw reactions of the people on whom the prank has been played and second, how to make the correct use of finished toilet paper tubes. Yes, toilet paper tubes, You heard that right. Thousands of those have been used in this video and unless you see it you would never going to believe it.

The video can be considered as one of the craziest public pranks ever as it has managed to get more than 2 million hits in less than a week. The popularity of this video can be gauged from the comment section, where viewers have poured their hearts out with appreciation. “This was the best thing ever,” writes one of the viewers. “This is how pranks should be done,” adds another.

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The video features Atman’s close friends and a BMW i8. Among his friends, there are Logan Paul, the dudesons and fouseytube, whose epic expression has caught the viewers’ eyes the most. “Dude, I’m serious, what the hell is going on?” says Fousey while thinking that it was some real good construction that Atmans’s i8 broke into. His expressions are the most talked about. “Fousey had to be the funniest. Omg,” writes one of the viewers. “Fousey reaction priceless! Lmaoo,” writes another. “Fouseys reaction had me deaddd. “ROMAAN!!! him jumping around,” adds another viewer.

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It’s sad that the brand new BMW i8 was almost wrecked but the blasting video is definitely worth a watch. You definitely need to see it yourself.