Hollywood is slowly but surely waking up to the need and potential of more female superheroes in the cinematic universes. We have Black Widow in the “Avengers” series as a good example, but she has to get her solo movie. Wonder Woman was recently introduced in “Batman V Superman” and she will have her own film. Rey was the first female lead in a “Star Wars” movie, soon followed by Jyn Erso in the forthcoming “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” It’s an exciting time for kick-ass women in big Hollywood blockbusters. Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” is also the first female superhero movie from the studio and we’ll learn about the casting for that movie and its director very soon.

Fandango mentions that a “Captain Marvel” feature is coming in 2019, which is a bit far-off. However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said we’ll soon meet the actress who’ll play Marvel’s first female superhero on the big screen. “I think we’ll be announcing a filmmaker in the next month or two, and probably some cast members later in the summer, at the end of the summer,” Feige told Fandango at the “Captain America: Civil War” press day. He added that the movie’s focus would be on “Carol Danvers and that journey to being Captain Marvel.” “Captain Marvel” will arrive between the two-part “Avengers: Infinity War” movies.

Major Carol Danvers was created by writer Roy Thomas and designed by artist Gene Colan. The character made her first appearance in the comics “Marvel Super-Heroes” issue 13 in 1968. Following this, she debuted as Ms. Marvel in the comic “Ms. Marvel” issue 1 in 1977. She becomes Captain Marvel in “Captain Marvel” issue 18 when an encounter with an alien transforms her into a superhero with abilities such as superhuman strength, flight, super-speed and ability to project and absorb energy.

It is interesting that Danvers, at the time of publication of Ms. Marvel issue 1 in 1977, became a feminist symbol for fighting for gender equality at work and in salaries. Such a character is all the more relevant today. Salary disparity between genders is still an issue in Hollywood and other cinema industries across the planet.

Feige also added that they do have plans for more female superhero movies in the future. “Yes, for sure, I think [Black] Widow at some point would be great,’ he says, adding “But when you start talking about things that are now four/five years away … sometimes we do that. Dr. Strange has been talked about for ten years. But we’re focused on the next nine movies, which is a lot, between now and 2019.”

Screenrant mentions that big names like Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Ferguson have at certain points been rumoured to be attached to the role. Any of these actresses will be great. Who do you think would be the perfect fit? Sound off with your suggestions below.