‘Captain America Civil War’ Trailer & Plot: Steve Rogers Dies in Movie?

“Captain America: Civil War” is coming soon! Another Marvel movie is expected to hit the theaters in 2016. But while it is still on development, rumors have it that the main hero will die in the film. How true is this?

There has been no confirmation about the news yet, but it won’t hurt to speculate who could see his end in the movie.

According to Movie Pilot, death is essential in the movie’s plot for the third installment of Captain America to stand out against the other Marvel movies. The site also added that Quicksilver’s death wouldn’t be as affecting to fans as a main hero’s demise.

“Quicksilver was one of the new avengers, so we really didn’t know him that well, and when he died, I really didn’t care. But if someone like Captain America were to die in Civil War, it would be heart breaking.”

Several photos from the “Civil War” film set that leaked online through AJC.com also showed a funeral which may strengthen the idea that death will succumb a character in the film.

Screen Crush also reported that one of the scenes filmed at Peachtree Christian Church in Atlanta, Georgia was a “funeral scene”, with set extras wearing black funeral wear.

Even Cinema Blend predicted that the odds of Captain America dying are 10-1. But we can only speculate as of this moment.

Meanwhile, “Captain America: Civil War” plot has been revealed.

“Billionaire Tony Stark is pitted against Captain America aka Steve Rogers in an ethical face-off over the U.S. government’s Superhuman Registration Act, which requires all superpowered individuals register their powers and report to S.H.I.E.L.D.” as we quote from The Daily Mail.

It seems that the superheroes will be battling off against each other once again.

The movie is currently in its filming stage and is expected to finish by August. Its official release would be on May 6, 2016.

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