He’s a lost man with a metal arm, conflicted by the forces of evil and good. Wait, we’re talking about Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier in “Captain America: Civil War.” But the description is also true of young Luke Skywalker, played by actor Mark Hamill. Indeed, there are more similarities between the two than a metal hand/wrist and a conflicted, tortured soul. Fans have been noting their facial resemblance for long. Now, social media recently exploded with numerous posts that proved that Stan has the looks to play a young Luke Skywalker.

The craziness began with a face morph that appeared on Instagram created by a user called morphy_me, who has done many other celebrity face morphs. The user used Mark Hamill’s hair as Luke Skywalker from an older still photo of Hamill during the production of one of the original “Star Wars” trilogy films and a publicity still of Sebastian Stan. The results are astounding, to be honest! It is interesting that both Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill’s characters Bucky Barnes and Luke Skywalker are now owned by Disney. So, Disney execs probably have taken wind of this. Take a look at the morph below.

Here’s the morphed photo of Sebastian Stan before the hair and costume change.

And here is the one that appeared in Imgur where the user liamario compares the original photo of Mark Hamill as Skywalker with Sebastian Stan’s face morphed into the former’s.

Even the actors got wind of this phenomenon taking the internet by storm. Stan responded to a side-by-side comparison of him and a young Mark Hamill and wrote on his Instagram account “Appreciate this and thank you!” He added this very interesting tidbit of information that he did audition for Star Wars, probably “The Force Awakens,” but did not get through. “Went out for Star Wars 4 times but wasn’t meant to be. Didn’t even know what role for at the time,” Stan says. He remains hopeful though. “Who knows, in the future but will certainly consider.”

As for Mark Hamill, he was also very supportive and positive of the comparisons made. Hamill said, “Looks like he could be my son!” on Instagram. He even joked about it with his trademark humour on Twitter.

What do you think? Should Sebastian Stan play a young Luke Skywalker in an anthology film, or should he play a son of Luke? Sound off with your comments below and read about it more at Hitfix and RadioTimes.