Ever since the first “Captain America: Civil War” trailer premiered, hype for the upcoming Marvel movie has intensified.

Now, Entertainment Weekly shares an exclusive look through never before seen photos of the superhero flick. In the article, EW presents nine photos that has its own story and significance to the film.

First among the photos shown by the website is Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) clinging on a building’s edge while his other hand holds on to a helicopter. Although this scene was shown in the trailer, EW reflects that the audience does not know at this point who is the passenger inside and why Cap does not want the helicopter to escape.

Photo from Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly

Another notable photo shared by EW is that of Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Steve Rogers who appears to be in serious conversation. The website discusses underneath the said photo that Cap is in trouble and Tony is not pleased with the way Steve is running the new Avengers. The photo may suggest that the two parties were initially open to meet halfway, but considering the theme of the film, a trigger would prevent that from happening.

Photo from Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly

Coming Soon highlights that while most of the photos have been shared by EW earlier this week and others were excerpts from the trailer, the photo between Tony and Steve’s so-called heart-to-heart is a new one. The website reports that a scene description from the film was also released by EW to accompany the new material.

An excerpt from Entertainment Weekly can be quoted as follows:

“An elevator opens in the op-center, and Steve Rogers and his friend Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, walk out – with a silent T’Challa (the public identity of Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther) walking in front of them alongside the government attaché played by Martin Freeman. Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow is with them, and she’s not saying anything either.”

From the scene, the pair appears to have been brought in for a questioning of some sort. You can visit Entertainment Weekly here to check what goes down in the remaining part of the scene.

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” is slated to premiere on May 6, 2016.