‘Captain America: Civil War’ Movie Trailer: 8 Heroes That Will Die in Marvel Film

Captain America

The heroes have already chosen their sides and “Captain America: Civil War” is going to witness a never-before seen war — good against good — which is bound to result in fans losing some of their favorites.

The question looms as to who will Marvel be bumping off, given that all the events occurring in “Captain America: Civil War” will eventually lead up to “Avengers: Infinity War,” as noted by What Culture.

Let’s take a look at the superheroes that could die in “Captain America: Civil War” when it hits the big screen:

1.Peggy Carter

The theory on CinemaBlend suggests that fans could very well be witnessing the last of Peggy Carter since she is already 90 and was already frail-looking even in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Furthermore, her death will add another angle to the story with Captain America deeply affected by her passing away, before the impending war.

2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye is one name that may likely be featured in the list of casualties and the online world seems to second that. Fans could quite possibly lose their favorite archer from the Marvelverse.

3. War Machine

As suggested by What Culture, War Machine, Iron Man’s aid, could also be done away with during the war. His character being bumped off won’t alter the upcoming events in any way. If killed off, fans may surely miss this likeable character, who does his work well and makes us all laugh.

4. Pepper Potts

Pepper’s death could further strengthen Iron Man’s resolve to have superpowers registered. It could definitely push the story forward for the superhero; pretty much like how Peggy Carter’s death might impact Captain America.

5. The Vision

Newly introduced in “Age Of Ultron,” The Vision quickly garnered his own following of sorts. While not human, he can be killed off. He will be eventually sent away packing, with the entire story building up to the “Infinity War.” But will it happen in this instalment? It does seem quite likely.

6. Black Widow

Having dealt with wars head-on, as well as clashing male egos and her fair share of personal struggles, the Black Widow has played pivotal roles in “The Winter Soldier” and “Age Of Ultron.” So, has her track run its course? Fans are definitely interested to witness how her back-story play out. And losing her, if ever, in “Captain America: Civil War” would definitely be heartbreaking for many.

7. Falcon

Could Falcon be killed-off just when he has just been promoted to become a part of the new Avengers team? It is quite possible since Falcon is not one of the pivotal characters. If dead, he will not in any way alter the course of actions or the plot. Let’s wait and watch.

8. Captain America

The fact that Captain America is already dead in the Marvel Universe, his being killed in the movie is still bound to shake everything up. But, we do know Chris Evans is gearing up for “Avengers: Infinity War.” So maybe this will not be so.

However, even if he is already dead, his presence in the “Avengers: Infinity War” could easily be in the form of flashbacks or hallucinations, as suggested by CinemaBlend. That would probably have many fans heartbroken, but definitely at the edge of their seats.

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