‘Captain America Civil War’ Movie Plot: Iron Man Creates Spiderman Web


Aside from the rumors that Spider Man will be supporting Iron Man and the Superhero Registration Act, several “Captain America: Civil War” reports also suggest that Tony Stark will be creating a new web weapon for Spidey.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Going back to the traditional Marvel comics, readers may have known from the “Civil War” arc that the web slinging superhero will be the right hand of Iron Man. In return, Stark will be upgrading Parker’s costume by enhancing his superpowers via an “Iron Spider Armor,” Movie Pilot noted.

Fans might be wondering if the “Iron Spider Armor” will be Spider Man’s new suit for the upcoming film. That could look cool perhaps, but Latino Review seemed to debunk the rumor.

A source reportedly told them that the original “Civil War” arc is not included in the film adaptation. However, Stark will help Spider Man create web shooters than an armor upgrade instead.

“When we first meet young Spider-Man, Peter Parker will be a hero using only things a teenager has access to while Stark has the capability of making more ‘hero ready’ suits (he has a line about making the Avengers “look cool” in Age of Ultron),” the site noted.

Despite the several speculations about the much-awaited film, Marvel Cinematic Universe and the “Civil War” production team are still keeping the details under wraps.

On the other hand, We Got This Covered recently reported that the movie’s official teaser had already made its way to the Internet.

Notably, the trailer was introduced by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, together with Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie at the Disney’s D23 Expo in California. But according to them, the leaked footage only lasts for 17 seconds with poor video quality.

“Captain America: Civil War” premieres in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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