Captain America: Civil War has been a blockbuster for the first three days of its launch in the international market. It has reached first place in 38 international territory.

It is so far in equal competition with Disney’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which was released in the same market last year.It was opened in 8 markets on Friday. It set the record in Mexico with $9.6 million (US $7.3 million) earning on the opening day, beating even the Ultron.

In UK,the film earned $9.2 million (US $7 million) on the opening day making it 33% ahead of Ultron. $3.68 million (US $2.8 million) in Japan, $16.56 million in South Korea (US$12.6 million) after three days making the top best-selling country, followed by Mexico,UK and then Brazil at number four with the earnings of $7.1 million(US$5.4 million) in two days and Australia with $5.9 million (US$4.5 million), Variety reports.

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It has been estimated that the super heroes series could make upto $263 million (US $200 million) in first five days since its release. The movie will open in Italy, Russia, China and Argentina along with US next weekend. There are high expectations from the market in UK where it is estimated that the charts could reach upto $263 million (US $200 million). The total amount reached by the international box office in three days is $110 million (US$84 million).

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“Captain America: Civil War” which features the clash between the superheroes is a perfect signature of Marvel.Black Pantheris the most happening character from the comic whose appearance in the movie was long awaited. He has the perfect chemistry with Natasha Romanoff.T’Challa., the first black superhero carries on the legacy of Black Panther, Eleanor Tremeer of Movie Pilot writes. The movie is directed by was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The film will open in US on May 5.