Cancer Symptoms & Treatment: Vitamin C to Cure Disease Says Research

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New study aims to put an end on claims that high levels of Vitamin C can help in cancer treatment.

A project led by Otago University Vitamin C expert Professor Margreet Vissers hopes to”determine the vitamin’s ability to slow the growth and spread of cancer,” as reported in

The site notes that in her past analyses, Vissers was able to find that bowel cancer and endometrial cancer patients “with higher levels of vitamin C in their tumours have extended disease-free survival.”

Vissers, who is based from Christchurch, will first lead her team to analyze “breast cancer tumour tissue from the Christchurch tissue bank.”

The study is reported to be worth $84,000 and Vissers says that if the breast cancer responds in the same way as her previous analyses on bowel cancer and endometrial cancer, they shall include them in their clinical studies.

Scoop Independent News notes that the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation and the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation has teamed up with Vissers for the project.

The Chief Executive of NZBCF Van Henderson expressed her excitement over Vissers’ project. She revealed that women with breast cancer would want to try the intravenous vitamin C but no one knows if it might work.

“The science behind Margreet’s study makes a lot of sense; this might be a real chance to understand if vitamin C really can play a role in breast cancer. From there, we can figure out how it should be used, and when it’s most effective,” says Henderson.

CMRF Chief Executive Kate Russell also stressed the importance of Vissers’ study which could lead “to a trial in patients in the near future, as posted on Scoop Independent News.

Vissers plan on ending the debate on whether Vitamin C can actually cure cancer.

“Some patients claim to benefit, but we’ve been short on clinical evidence. If vitamin C works, we need to know how it works, and for which tumours,” says Vissers.

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