Australian capital Canberra has reported a surge in bicycle thefts. In the last two years, there had been a 25 percent jump in the number of bicycle thefts. This was revealed in the data by ACT Policing.

The report said close to 1000 bicycles have been stolen in the ACT area in the last financial year. It said most of the thefts have taken place at the inner suburbs of Canberra. Police said even secure locks are not stopping the thieves. For example, Sarah Mckenna of Braddon kept her bicycle safely in her courtyard with expensive locks for extra security. But the AU$40 combination lock failed to protect the bicycle. Noting that high-end bicycles are becoming a soft target, police said cheaper bikes are also emerging as the new favorites of thieves.

“Unfortunately bicycle theft in the ACT is on the rise … with the highest concentration in the inner suburbs of City, Acton, Braddon, Turner, where there’s a high percentage of people who ride into town,” ACT Policing Acting Superintendent Harry Hains said, reports Canberra Times.

He said a lot of people do not see the value of securing their bike as they consider it as an inexpensive bike of AU$150 or AU$200. They understand its value only when it is actually stolen and inconvenience bumps them.

“Maybe the message has got through that these bikes need to be protected,” Hains added. The police officer called up citizens to keep up-to-date records of their bicycles and bikes through a “bike passport.”

According to Hains, if the owner maintains all the details of his bicycle or bike in terms of serial numbers or correct invoices it is easy to match the recovered bikes. People can now report theft of bike or bicycle to ACT Policing in Canberra on the number 131 444.

Meanwhile, Canberra has earned the dubious reputation of being a killer capital in terms of road deaths and injuries. A recent report said, more people are indulging in over-speeding and drink-driving thus, more people are getting hospitalised. The figures were revealed in the Productivity Commission’s new report on the performance of Australian governments.

A report said two-thirds of Canberrans drove at least 10 kilometres above the prescribed speed limit in the past six months. This is pretty high, when compared to other states or territories, added Canberra Times.

It noted that Canberra had the second most hospitalisations due to traffic accidents. It was 282 per 100,000 registered vehicles. This is 23 percent higher than Australia’s national average.