Cairo explosion was heard over Egypt, injuring three civilians in a crowded neighborhood in the country’s capital, according to a state-run news bureau. The explosive device that was used was installed in a street within the community of Feisal, and was detonated later on Wednesday, just in time for the police convoy to pass through.

The news bureau said that the local authorities have confirmed to have arrested one suspect following the explosion. Two police vehicles were also reported to have been damaged by the said explosion, AlArabiya reported.

The Cairo explosion has just been one of the many bombing incidents that have been reported in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities have long been fighting an Islamic Insurgency in the northern Sinai, which has also spread all over the mainland Egypt, as the series of bombings and high-profile assassinations are taking place in the country’s capital Cairo.

Meanwhile, an explosion that happened on an early Saturday, close to  the Omani Cultural Center, also in Cairo, police authorities blamed the Islamist militants for this attack that caused no casualties.  The explosion had been caused a homemade bomb that has been installed under a car in a parking lot of Al Mohandessin. Six vehicles were reported to have been damaged by the explosion.

Since the army overthrew an Islamist president, Mohammad Mursi in  2013 after several massive protests against his rule, Egypt  has started experiencing a series of attacks, specifically targeting transmission towers, which caused  the country to lose millions of pounds. However, these attacks have seemed to die down in the recent months, until last Wednesday.

In another related incident, a bomb was also found in a power transformer within the slum area of Manshiet Nasser in Cairo. Based on an eyewitness account,  a loud explosion was heard near the petroleum gas station. While there were no reported casualties, there was a partial power interruption in some districts, Star Africa reported.