Burger King has launched their “black-bunned Whopper” and people are claiming it turned their poop green.

In celebration of Halloween, Burger King has launched its “A.1. Halloween Whopper” in the United States which has black buns.

New York Daily News reports that “the scariest part of Burger King’s Halloween Whopper doesn’t happen until you eat it.”

An ingredient in the black bun is said to turn “eaters’ poop a ghastly bright green — sometimes for as long as three days,” the site reports.

Several tweets were found on Twitter claiming that customers who ate the black-bunned Whopper were surprised to see that their poop had turned “cartoon green.”

MetroNews notes that the hashtag #GreenPoop trended on Twitter on Monday as Burger King customers posted their experience and thoughts on the Halloween Whopper.

Some liked the idea but others were not amused claiming that it will be the last time they would eat the Halloween Whopper.


According to New York Daily News, Burger King’s black burger turned customers’ poop green due to food coloring and A.1. Sauce.

The site mentions that a Spokesman for Burger King told ABC that “the bun contains less than 1% food dye.”

The black bun, however, is reported to come from the A.1. sauce baked in the bun.

Moreover, the spokesman did not mention the specific dye used in the burger but has stated that “all food colorings used are commonly used in the industry and … approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”

New York Daily News also suggest that the dye, #Green3, “are known to turn stool green” and the instances that poop can turn green “if bile doesn’t break down food quickly.”

Last year, the Black burger was introduced in Japan but reports claim that bamboo charcoal was used to make the bun black.

Would you try to join the bandwagon and taste Burger King’s Halloween Whopper?