Bundesliga 2015: Bayern Munich Robert Lewandowski Breaks Record – 5 Goals in 9 Minutes

Wikimedia/ Roger Gorączniak

Robert Lewandowski rewrote a new chapter in Bundesliga history yet again, at the Allianz Arena yesterday.

The 27-year old Bayern Munich striker from Poland was incredibly unstoppable in yesterday’s match against Wolfsburg. According to BBC, the Munchners were one goal down until halftime following a successful strike by Wolfsburg’s Daniel Caligiuri in the 26th minute. Lewandowski was on bench until Manager Pep Guardiola decided to unbridle him at halftime substituting him with Juan Bernat, reported ESPN.

The moment the Pole stepped on the turf, he accelerated at lightning speed, and started firing his cannon balls. In the 51st minute he equalized the score by converting an assist by Thomas Muller, and banged the ball consecutively into the net from 20 yards in the next immediate minute.

Barely three minutes later came the third goal from the striker’s foot, which he missed initially by hitting the post, but successfully collected the ball and thrust it back into the goal. Lewandowski, thus, became the fastest hat trick scorer in Bundesliga history within a span of four minutes.

Even after destroying Wolfsburg’s morale in no time, the Warsaw warrior was not satisfied. He had something more to accomplish. Three minutes after the mind-blasting hat trick, he excellently collected a high bounce cross from Douglas Costa and finished it gracefully.

While the Allianz Arena was filled with echoes of fans, with an overwhelmed Guardiola watching by, Lewandowski came up with another one in the 60th minute. Probably the best out of all, this goal was sheer magic! He volleyed a beautiful cross from Mario Gotze with a scissor kick landing the ball right into the back of the net.
These amazing five goals in just nine minutes changed the history of the German League and the led the Munchners to glory.

The striker said in an interview with Sky, as ESPN noted, “I am very satisfied, that was incredible, I just wanted to shoot, I didn’t really think what will happen afterwards. Having been one down, we knew that we must improve and score twice at least. But five goals, that’s incredible.”

Lewandowski claimed three records in one afternoon, the fastest hat trick, the fastest five goals and the first substitute to score five goals in a game.


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