In a strong reaction to the recent terror attacks in Brussels, Republican presidential aspirant, Ted Cruz has called for increased surveillance of Muslim neighbourhoods in the United States.

The deadly bombings in Brussels airport and metro on Tuesday had killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds of others.

Cruz’s demand was endorsed by his rival presidential aspirant, Donald Trump, who suggested that hard torturing of the captured suspect in Paris attacks could have prevented the Brussels carnage, reports ABC News.

Talking to CNN, Trump hailed Cruz’s plan as a “good idea” and offered his “100 percent” support.

“Well, you know, he may be talking, but he’ll talk a lot faster with the torture. … Because he probably knew about it. I would be willing to bet that he knew about this bombing that took place today,” Trump said.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has owned up responsibility for the attacks. Cruz urged the US government to take immediate steps to stem the flow of refugees from countries where the Islamic State militants are active.

Speaking in New York on Tuesday, Cruz had praised the New York police department for their former surveillance program in Muslim neighborhoods. He urged restarting the program to serve as a model for police departments nationwide.

Meanwhile, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, said the Brussels attack does not look like an immediate retaliation. According to him, the plot could have been underway for some time and the Paris bombing suspect’s arrest became a coincidence.

In his CNN interview, Trump reiterated his calls for the US deploying harsher interrogation techniques on terror suspects.

When asked about the international law prohibiting torture, Trump responded: “Well, I would say that the eggheads that came up with this international law should turn on their television and watch CNN right now because I’m looking at scenes on CNN right now as I’m speaking to you that are absolutely atrocious.”

Trump described the explosions in Brussels as a “disaster” and warned it is “just the beginning,” reports CNN. He told Fox News that “I’ve been talking about this a long time, and look at Brussels.”

Trump has put immigration and security as central issues in his 2016 presidential bid.