Melbourne-based Belgians will show support by holding a candlelight vigil, against the Brussels terror attack. This candlelight vigil will be their way of representing solidarity, as they are unable to cope with the recent terrorist attack at Brussels, Belgium.

There were twin explosions at Brussels airport and a third one at the Maelbeek metro station. The ordeal left at least 34 dead and more than 200 injured. 

After Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, police had launched manhunt for airport attack suspect. Police discovered an Islamic State flag and chemicals to produce explosives, in a house in district of Schaerbeek.

Around 1200 Belgians, living in Melbourne, would attend the memorial. According to Belgian Club Victoria president Dirk Dhont, other people, who are planning on paying their respects to the victims – injured and killed in the Brussels explosions were also welcome.

“We will show the terrorists that they are not going to stop us – whatever they do we will keep living,” Dhont said.

While other European countries have expressed solidarity, Belgium had earlier declared three days of mourning, says ABC News.

The vigil at Melbourne will be held at Federation Square from 6pm on Saturday. Plans for the Belgian Club’s annual Easter egg hunt at Lysterfield Park on Sunday will also continue, says Sky News.

According to Australian MP Julie Bishop, the country had offered support to Belgium to track down those involved in the attacks. She said that although there is no information on whether Australians were killed in the attack, but they would still assist Belgium.

However, Australian PM , Malcolm Turnbull said that it is upto the Europeans to determine how to magsnge their own security.

“I was simply making the point that because of the Schengen arrangements, as you describe, people are able to freely travel across borders within Europe,” he said.

“That poses security challenges coupled with clearly very porous external borders as we’ve seen plenty of evidence of that.”