The funny thing about having big brothers is that you always have someone to do something for you, even if it means scaring you with a zombie attack. Well, this video proves that for you. Attracting more than seventeen million views, this is one of its kind.

Here, two big brothers decide to mess with their little sister’s head, who had just gone through the pain of removing her wisdom tooth and what they did is just hilarious. However, for a moment, it gave Millicent the shock of her life. Viewers have been filling up the comment section with even more hilarious comments.

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The duo decide to convince their little sister that a Zombie outbreak has hit the city and they only have sometime before they could pack all their precious things and leave. They had set a camera in the steering system and was successful enough to elicit a priceless reaction from their sister. “Damn. First the wisdom teeth surgery then the zombie apocalypse … what a shitty day,” comments one viewer. Imagine how worse that would be?

Guess what? Their mother too was a part of this plan. They start the prank in the car while heading back home after the surgery was conducted. To make things look real, the brothers play a record of a potential disease outbreak, even incidents of cannibalism. To make it worse they say they wouldn’t be able to be with her all the time and provides her with a garden hoe to protect herself.

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The entire thing gets even funnier when the sister was asked to choose who she wants to take away between her pet cat and dog. “The cat, you idiot,” comes straight out of her mouth while she struggles with her braces. “He’s the worst, he’s already dying, leave him get the cat,” she demands. Imagine the poor dog. “I hope the dog doesn’t see this. That would be awkward,” writes one of the viewers.

Comes next the funniest part where the brothers annoys her to extent where she starts crying. They ask her whether to get funfetti or chocolate cake before leaving. “Why do we need that if there’s Zombie coming,” she whines as she almost breaks down in the video.

After fooling around for five more minutes, they spill the beans. Watch the video to see her priceless reactions at the end.