The Brooklyn Nets management decided to part ways with Joe Johnson as they waived his contract last Thursday.  Brooklyn Nets General Manager Sean Marks announced he would like to thank the player for his professionalism and hard work.

Sean Marks Full Statement

Based on an NBA interview, Marks stated the Nets wants to thank the player for his many contributions to the team and the organization. “Joe has been a quality professional since joining the Nets four years ago, was a valued member of three playoff teams, and provided many thrilling moments for his teammates and Nets’ fans,” he said. “We wish him much success in the future.”

Where will Johnson go?

According to ESPN reports, Johnson is receiving multiple offers from numerous teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and Toronto Raptors. Additionally, the Cleveland Cavaliers management has high confidence on signing his services because it is remembered that he once made a hint about joining the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, the Atlanta Hawks management is in full force on acquiring their former sharp shooter and primary scorer. Nevertheless, up to this date Johnson is heavily considering joining the Cavaliers, Heat and Hawks, while the Celtics and Thunder are close behind for now.

Johnson’s stats and milestones

Johnson became famous when he displayed his talents on the Phoenix squad, but got traded to Atlanta Hawks where he averaged 18.3 points per game. Johnson is known as one of the highest paid athlete in the league when he received a max contract in Atlanta.

When he got traded in Brooklyn, Johnson seemed to be having a hard time on picking up his game. He only averaged 11.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 4.1 assists despite playing in 33.9 minutes per game. His 40.6 shooting percentage is the second worst of his 15-year career.