Britney Spears striked again with another surprising act in Las Vegas, Nevada performing a hit medley of her entire iconic hits for almost 20 years as a pop superstar during the recent Billboard Music Awards 2016.

Wearing super shiny, sexy red outfit, she performed “Oops!… I did it Again,” “Baby One More Time” including “I’m A Slave 4 You” which was released in 2001. She did this memorable act in front of the crowd recently as a recipient of one of the highest awards, Billboard Millennium Award, joining previous awardees like Beyonce in 2011 and the late Whitney Houston in 2012, according to Time.

In return of such huge favour from the award-giving body, Spears opened the Billboard Music Awards this year with a bang. The whole duration of her act was also millennial as she performed with her career-spanning medley from the time she became the world’s pop superstar.

Slate mentioned that though her previous 2007 VMA appearance was a disaster, yet, she turned everyone’s expectation upside down with her fantastic performance from the choreography, props, and dancers that seemed like she’s on top of her game that night. Not even a single wardrobe malfunction was noticed.

Meanwhile, the world pop superstar recently expressed her excitement for her upcoming ninth album to launch. She said, “Honestly, I’m just particular with this record. It’s my baby, and so I really want it done right. I would much rather have it completely how I want it to be, whether that takes another year for me to do, or two months. I have no idea at this point. But I just know that the direction I’m going in is so good. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time.”

She teased, “I’m proud of the work, and it’s very different; it’s not what you would think at all. But I’m not rushing anything. I just want it to be done right, so that my fans will truly appreciate it.”
Aside from working on her album, she have a few television appearances such as “Jane The Virgin Season 2” and “Orange is the New Black” which made her busier this year.

Watch Britney Spears’ performance here: