Police have charged a 48-year-old man from Queensland when he surrendered after a 10-hour siege at a property in Redcliffe, Brisbane north, on Monday.

According to the ABC, the suspect pointed a gun at two hostages, aged 38 and 88, and threatened them of detonating gas cylinders at the spot. His motive behind this was to compel the police to establish an exclusion zone and negotiate with him on the matter. Police claimed the presence of three people in the house. Two people among them, who are believed to be the man’s father and brother, were rescued in the afternoon. The police reported that they are safe now.

The assailant is due to face Redcliffe Magistrates Court on Tuesday. He is expected to face charges of abusing police while armed with a weapon and bomb hoax. News.com.au reported that the suspect was handcuffed and brought onto the street. No casualties were reported. “A lot of police resources were deployed to end this peacefully and successfully, and the community of Redcliffe have put up with a fair bit of disruption,” Inspector John Hallam said. Hallam added that Special Emergency Response Team moved quietly down the gate to the home without making noise to make sure the suspect continued talking to police negotiators.

Two Energex power company trucks were brought to the property to cut the electricity of the house.

Hallam said that the assailant had been armed with a weapon, which appeared to be a homemade gun. “That’s what he identified it as,” the inspector said. “Any weapon is serious and that’s why we reacted the way we did.”

The streets around Klingner Road were shut for precaution. Twenty-one-year-old Jackson Sylvester said that he was unable to drive out of his home on Monday. “I was leaving for work at 10 a.m. and police were on my driveway, they informed me that no one could leave the street because there was a man inside his house who had barricaded himself inside with his family,” Sylvester said.