‘Bridget Jones Baby’ Movie Trailer: 5 Secrets You Should Know!

Bridget Jones Baby

“Bridget Jones Baby” brings back the funny British heroine loved by fans all over the world. Bridget Jones also brings a new bundle of joy to mark her return to the silver screen.

The first trailer for the third movie recently debuted. Here are 5 secrets about “Bridget Jones Baby” as hinted by the preview.

1. Renee Zellweger reprises her role as Bridget Jones. Fans will also be happy to know that Colin Firth is back as Mark Darcy, her “true love”. Mail Online reported the movie based its story on the columns of writer Helen Fielding, hence, his comeback. The website noted that the writer’s third novel killed off Darcy’s character.

2. The website also recalled that in the second movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary 2”, her days as a single woman were numbered. However, this seemed to be old news as suggested by the trailer.

The trailer shows her wearing a wedding gown and her father leads her down the aisle. The scene abruptly cuts to a familiar sight of Jones holding a lighted cupcake in her flat.

However, unlike before she stopped the music and proclaimed, “Oh screw off.” Jones is again single in her new movie.

3. The third movie welcomes a new man into her life to be played by Patrick Dempsey. The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star revealed his part in the movie on Instagram.

Zellweger as Jones meets American Jack Qwant, the character played by Dempsey. During one of her character’s awkward scenes, Qwant helps her out of the mud at a music festival.

4. As the new title suggested “Bridget Jones Baby”, Bridget Jones discovers she is pregnant. Without a doubt, many fans will chime in with what her mum asked, “Who’s the father?” Watch the trailer to find out what Jones had to say about it.

5. The trailer also showed the appearance of another big named star. Emma Thompson joins the cast as the baby doctor. Another celebrity also appears in the trailer.

JustJared noted the trailer first appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” when Zellweger guested.

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