A Florida father has taken well on the breastfeeding duty after his fiancé, Jennifer goes to work. The breastfeeding husband has discovered a new way to cap the baby crying in partner’s absence.

Chris Allen is now one of coolest father and an innovative partner, who has buzzed the internet from his video of breastfeeding his daughter Destiny Renee -born in April, according to Fox News.

Allen shared his new method of breastfeeding on his Facebook handle. It shows him feeding the baby by a milk bottle hidden in his vest and its nipple popping out through a hole. The video has crossed 350,000 views with more than 3000 shares. Well, he deserves that.

“So, Mommy had to go back to work so Daddy is helping out,” Allen says in the video.

“Eh, I guess it’s like breastfeeding right? Gotta loves it,” he adds.

Breastfeeding Momma Talk, a parenting Facebook page of mommies, shared Allen’s video on its page. Since then it had gathered a lot of traction over his idea of breastfeeding. Guess what ? The video has gathered another heavy traffic of 5,678,422 views with more than 75,700 shares. The idea is going strong!

Kristy Kemp, the page’s founder, just could not resist sharing her feeling.

“As funny as this was, I felt it was also heartwarming and shows dedication,” she said.

I just loved it all the way around.” she added.

Well, people called the video “adorable” and liked Allen’s idea of breastfeeding.

“THIS is a dedicated daddy! Impressive that the little baby is still exclusively breastfed even though momma can’t be there all the time! Loooove it!” said Hayley Jordan Dorsett ,a Facebook user.

Another user said: “Omg, please put your boob away! No one wants to see that!!”

Moreover, Kemp’s excitement climbed another level after she found that Jennifer is already following her page. She had no idea before Allen shared the video to the group. Of Course!

“Just found out Chris Allen’s fiance actually follows this community already!! I was so excited to hear that. I asked him if he would want to do a follow-up video. “ commented Kemp.

Do you think Allen’s idea is really practical? Should he make a follow-up video? Then comment down below with your views.