A woman from Ottawa was told by a local gym staffer that her breast was “too large” to wear a tank top on premises of the gym .

According to The Independent, Jenna Vecchio said that the Movati Athletic staff member said she could only complete her exercise session if she could wear a T-shirt to cover up her breast.

However, she did not comply and instead she left the gym without completing her exercise session. Now the woman is fighting back.

But before leaving, she pointed out to the gym supervisor that other women in the premises were wearing tank tops. In reply, the supervisor supposedly said that wearing a tank top for her was “inappropriate” because of her breast.



On Facebook, she wrote that the gym authority informed her that due to my chest size she could not wear a tank top.

“I said I can’t help it that my chest may appear larger than some other women’s here because of my small frame, but I can’t do anything about it,” Vecchio said.

She also said that she felt humiliated and was being discriminated against due to her figure.

Movati athletic clubs carries the motto: “Feel Welcome, Feel Healthy, Feel Comfortable.” However, Vecchio was not feeling anything of that sort.



While she fights, the gym management aren’t backing down, either.

They made a statement to Global News, where the gym said that Vecchio’s attire was not at all modest. According to them, what she has suggested about her attire through the images she shared recently on Facebook, is absolutely incorrect.

The statement also said that the management conducted an inquiry into the ordeal. Following their investigation, they are in total support of their employee’s decision to approach Vecchio.


Facebook/Rose Nickels

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The statement said that the Movati staff never said anything about whether Vecchio’s style of shirt was inappropriate. They had a problem with the “lack of coverage.”

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Vecchio’s Facebook post went viral, with thousands of views as of Thursday night and gained international attention.