Breast Cancer 2015: Husband & Wife Both Have Cancer

Wikimedia/ wishuponacupcake

Cancer is one disease which can happen to anyone and everyone regardless of gender, age, background or hygiene levels. Unlike most other fatal diseases like HIV or tuberculosis, which are caused by external agents like virus or bacteria, this illness is a result of abnormal body cells’ abnormal growth that it invades other tissues.

The disease has derived its name from the Latin name for “Crab” or “crayfish” because the cancerous cell structure is very similar to the structure of the aquatic animal with legs protruding sideways.

The common types of cancer are breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer, out of which breast cancer is the most common. In fact, breast cancer is the first recorded case of the illness in ancient Greece.

As the name suggests, the victims of breast cancer are mainly women. But a misconception that men cannot contract breast cancer has to be rectified.

Interestingly, Huffington Post reported that a couple has been battling the disease for the past decade. Both husband and wife are still fighting the disease are also guiding other victims about the dos and don’ts.

Gerard Campion of Connecticut had been diagnosed with the condition way back in 2006 and his wife Meg thought that it is truly strange for a man to have breast cancer. Three years later, she was diagnosed with a pre-cancer condition which was successfully treated by radiation and surgery the site noted.

In 2011, Gerard’s cancer bounced back and reached an incurable stage wherein the cancer has reached his bones as well, according to ABC news.

But the couple fought the disease bravely and though Gerard’s cancer hasn’t cured completely, they to still manage to avoid it by taking the required measures.

The couple has been talking at rotary clubs and other places, sharing awareness about Male Breast Cancer among people and encouraging them to fight it.

“Eighty percent of men don’t realize they can contract breast cancer, If it prevents one family from losing a dad or a husband, that’s why we do it,” Meg told ABC news.

Mr Campion says he, in fact, feels better after the detection of the disease as gets stronger and braver by the day. He positively spoke to saying, “Cancer sucks, but as crazy as it sounds, the second diagnosis is the best thing ever happened to meI became a more compassionate person, I feel fantastic, and I’m doing things for other people. Life is wonderful.

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