In an unexpected prison-breakout, around 40 prisoners take off from a jail in the city of Recife in Eastern Brazil on Sunday.  A bomb was exploded to make a gate way through a wall around the Frei Damiao de Bozanno facility, as per the authorities.

A media footage by Brazilian TV showed wall after the explosion and prisoners crossing through the hole in the wall.  The prisoners run down the alleys before police reached the spot. Among all, 36 inmates were captured after a manhunt, which lasted for hours. Two were killed, one hospitalised and one remained at large.

One of the dead prisoner was shot down while breaking in a local home. A video footage showed the man lying on the floor in blood, police told Global Television.

This was the second breakout after 53 inmates broke out of Professor Barreto Campelo prison last week, near Recife on Wednesday. Out of all the jail-breakers, 13 of them had been recaptured, reported the G1 news site.

According to Human Rights Watch, prisons of Pernambuco in Brazil exceeds the limit of prisoners. Each of the facilities was designed to hold 10,500 inmates but the prisoners’ count is around 32,000.

The security facilities are not so secured.  There are very few police officials who have keys to interior prison for day-to-day checks. Sleeping facilities are inadequate, as most of them sleep on the floor.

During the explosion, due to the shortage of staff, only half of the surveillance towers have sentries. The authorities were already warned of the prison break by the prison guards’s union because of this situation plus the overcrowded prison.

The reality is there are very limited prison guards assigned to quite a large number of prisoners.  There are only around 1500 prisons guards for the penitentiaries which actually need 5000 as the minimum requirement, says the union.

A total of around 100 prisoners has broken out of the prison last week.