Brazil’s ex-President, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, has come under the scanner over the payments he made to his former lover abroad.

He has been alleged for making payments to his ex-lover, former TV journalist Mirian Dutra. The payment was made through Brasif, a company operating duty-free shops across Brazilian airports.

Dutra says that she received $3000 monthly sum from Cardoso through the firm. It is believed that the transfers began in 2002, before Cardoso left office.  However, Cardoso has gainsaid the allegations.

The firm said that the former leader paid Dutra for the work she was doing. She was hired to do research on duty-free shops in European airports, according to FTC Publications Newswire.  And the firm denied the involvement of the former leader.

Dutra was a former reporter at Globo TV for 35 years. She lost her job last December. “I don’t want to take this to my grave,” she said over the relationship with the leader.

Although, Cardoso confirmed the relationship, which lasted six years before he sworn-in as president.  Dutra said that the relationship ended when Cardoso asked for abortion of her child, which is considered illegal in Brazil.

After her son Tomas was born, she asked Globo TV to transfer her to Lisbon. Later, she moved to Spain.

She revealed that she received the sum from December 2002 to December 2006 from Cardoso. She said she had a fake contract with the firm which never worked for them.

“He sent me money through this company. I have evidence. It was all arranged by my sister’s husband, Fernando Lemos, who was the top lobbyist in Brasilia at the time,” she said in a report by Latin One.

While Cardoso admitted that he sent money to Dutra and Tomas,it was not through the firm, he said.  And the Brazilian firm said that Cardoso never paid through the company.