Brazil has decided to organise troops for the awareness of the Zika Virus, known to be proliferated by mosquitoes and causing birth anomalies in the newly-born.

The government has decided to mobilize 2,20,000 troops every day starting next month, after losing control over the virus.  Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo Castro revealed the move on Tuesday and said that the battle against virus is “getting out of the hands”.

Mosquito repellent will be issued to 4,00,000 pregnant women getting cash-transfer benefits, said Marcelo in a report by Rio de Janeiro’s O Globo newspaper.

The move will come into play starting from February 13 before the Carnival celebrations. A team of fumigators have also been consigned to help eradicate mosquitoes from streets.

According to health experts, the “Aedes aegypti” mosquito is transmitting Zika, which also causes Dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya.

Around 3,800 cases of birth-defects have been reported with “microcephaly”, another health abnormality of virus, where infants have weak brain , abnormal heads and have problems in overall development, reports The New York Times.

During a meeting in Brasília over Zika, Marcelo said that Brazil has been battling from mosquitoes for three decades now.  The public health consequences have filled up to the brim. Things are still out of control.

Price of mosquito repellent has reportedly increased threefold, after the official announcement. Most of the pharmacies have gone out of stock and those who have are selling at a much higher price.

There have been lot of controversial perceptions over Marcelo’s assessment over the crisis.

“He is incapable of occupying his position.To prove that Castro doesn’t have the capacity to occupy such an important position at such a delicate moment, with the spread of the epidemic, all that’s needed is a selection of such comments.” reported Helio Gurovitz, Columnist of G1, the Internet portal of the Globo television network.

World Health Organization spokesman Christian Lindmeier termed the Marcelo’s approach “ a bit of a fatalistic”.

“This should mean we could lay down all our approaches now and declare the war lost”, he further said at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva, as reported by Aljazeera America.

Authorities have also pulled-up efforts in Colombia. Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria visited the City of Ibague, to initiate Tour of Colombia Campaign to educate and create awareness in people about the virus.

Authorities in El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil have recommended for women to avoid pregnancy until the virus are controlled and the mosquitoes eradicated.