Is Brad Pitt dead? News of the actor’s R.I.P. death hoax might overshadow his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

The rumor Brad Pitt dead swarmed on the Internet recently. The fake report appeared on social media at the time when news of his divorce broke out. Hence, it caught the attention of many. Indeed, those already curious about the breakup of his marriage were easy prey for the latest celebrity death hoax to hit.

Details of the malicious report said it was a suicide due to depression. Although ultimately proven false and the social media site already warned users not to click it, many unknowing readers had already done so. Consequently, their accounts became vulnerable to hackers who perpetrated the hoax. Hence, Facebook advised fans of the actor victimized by it to reset their password and scan their devices for malware software, according to Hollywood Life.

The R.I.P Brad Pitt hoax comes at an inappropriate time in the actor’s life. No doubt, hackers saw an opportunity, hence their posting of the fake report. Following the divorce filed by his wife, Brad also faced charges of child abuse. Authorities have yet to issue an official statement regarding the matter. However, many have come forward to defend him against the false accusations. His ex-wife Jennifer Aniston reportedly expressed sadness at the claims and stated he is not capable of such.

In a wicked twist of fate, his soon to be ex-wife Angelina Jolie was a recent target of the celebrity death hoax. Last August, news of her death followed the earlier Jaden Smith hoax. Like the Brad Pitt dead rumor, it also said she committed suicide. Moreover, the fake report even promised a video of the actress saying goodbye to her family and fans. At the time, rumors about their likely divorce were rampant.